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Exquisitely crafted pewter items include mugs, goblets, coffee sets, clocks, letter opener and plaques. Leading names are Royal Selangor and Tumasek. They can be found at hotel shopping arcades and shopping complexes.


Songket Songket is Malaysian brocade that is intricately hand-woven with silver or gold threads. Rich and heavily embroidered, the cloth makes superb evening gowns. Buy the material untailored and have it made to measure, or buy songket items such as handbags.


Gold Gold is of high quality here, often 22k. Items of traditional designs or avert grade are available. Jewelers are located at shopping complexes, hotels, city free shops within the city centre.


Brassware Brassware items generally come from the cottage industries in Terengganu. Items include candle stands, vases, ash trays and plaques. Best bought at handicraft centre.


Woodcarvings Woodcarvings, again, those from Kelantan or Terengganu, are of excellent workmanship. Wood figurines of the orang asli (abourigines) also make good buys. As these are bulky items, you can make arrangement with the stores to have them sent home. Shopping complexes stock a good range of such products.

Food Items Check out the supermarket, grocery stores or pasar malam for locally-produced items such as tea, pepper, prawn crackers and instant food preparations.

Batik combines wax brushing, dyeing, drying and boiling the material which may be silk, cotton, rayon or satin. Batik items include hats, scarves, ties, handkerchiefs, purses, kaftans, shirts, wrap-around skirts, sun dresses, tablecloths, handbags, purses and paintings. The quality of batik varies greatly. Good quality batik are sold at large handicraft centers.

Pottery Sarawak pottery is ochre-coloured with bold geometric designs. Sayong pottery, from Perak, Has the characteristic glossy black colour. There is even pottery, from Johor, which uses batik and gold thread for a distinctive look. Handicraft centers offer the best variety.

Silk Silk from Cendering, Terengganu is of international quality and makes a good buy. Best bought at a handicraft centre or a specialty shop.


Silverwork Silverwork, especially those from Kelantan, is exquisite. Items to buy are rose bowls, napkin holders, plaques and filigree jewellery. Handicraft centers are again the best choices to buy silverwork.


Basketry Mengkuang leaves (screw pine) woven into table mats, hats, bags and bedroom slippers make attractive and functional items. They are also inexpensive. mengkuang products can be found at handicraft centers.

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