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Kuala Lumpur HotelsKuala Lumpur, The attractions of Kuala Lumpur provide the visitor a foretaste of the many alluring spots that wait to be explored beyond the city. By driving or joining a sightseeing tour one can enjoy the diversity of the Malaysian experience.
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Malacca HotelsMalacca, is famed as the place where the history of Malaysia began. It was founded in 1396 by Parameswara, and exiled prince from Sumatra. It thrived as a port-of-call to many a ship and merchant from China, India, Arabia and Europe.
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Penang HotelsPenang, "The Pearl of the Orient" lies off the northwestern coast of Peninsula Malaysia. The state comprises the island of Penang covering an area of about 285 sq. km and a narrow strip of approximately 760 sq. km on the mainland known as Sebeang Perai.
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Johor HotelsJohor, is the southern most state of Peninsula Malaysia, known also as the Southern Gateway to Malaysia. It is linked to Singapore via the Causeway. Johor is one of the most developed states in the country with a flourishing economy and many interesting places.
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Malaysia Golf
Golf Paradise
Malaysia is a golfing hotbed with over 200 courses and you can either enjoy a round in the cool hills or play by the sea or near the tea plantations.
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Diving Malaysia is fast becoming one of the leading dive destinations of the world with the richest marine environment in the Indo-Pacific Basin.
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Adventures with Nature Malaysia is a haven for adventure and nature lovers. Easy accessibility, the warm tropical climate, on-going conservation efforts and many beautiful to making Malaysia a premier eco-tourism destination.
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